Bringing a dog

Bringing a dog?

Dogs are welcome on our camping. There are numerous walking opportunities right from the camping, and dogs can play and cool down in the river.

Your dog is welcome in the Chalets (except Nemo) and Mobile home. Your dog is not allowed in the rental tents.
We assume that the dog sleeps in his basket or bench and not on the couches, chairs or beds of the rental accommodation. Do you want to properly check / treat your dog against fleas before arrival?
Dogs have to be kept on a leash, even if your dog is well educated.
If you find this sad for the dog, we advice you to look for another camping.
Maximum 1 dog in the high season (July and August) and eventually 2 dogs in the low season.
In France, ‘dangerous’ dogs are divided into two categories, Category 1 dogs are not allowed to enter France, and Category 2 dogs are only allowed to enter under certain conditions.
Category 1 and 2 dogs are not allowed on our camping.
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